About Elastoquip

Elastoquip specialises in precast concrete fencing moulds.

Versatile Moulds That Ensure Reliability And Durability

The quality of our moulds can be seen in the detail of our patterns – we offer the highest level of detail to ensure a natural and real look. Elastoquip moulds can be made at variable heights – a range of wall heights is possible due to our stackable design.

Custom-Designed Moulds To Suit Your Needs

At Elastoquip we are also able to design moulds to customer specification, as we have a team of designers on hand. Our moulds are manufactured from a specially formulated urethane, giving the product durability and a long lifespan. We are the only manufacturers of double-sided wall moulds.

Light Steel Fabrications That Complements Concrete Moulding

Elastoquip also offers products beyond concrete moulding, and has integrated light steel fabrications, which include gates and burglar bars, into our offering.