12 Panel Moulds



  • Withstands daily use of wet poured concrete, vibration, curing and stripping
  • Features hinged flaps and side closing arms
  • Easy application of form release
  • Consistent panel interlock and uniform thickness
  • Flaps remain constant during vibration
  • No obstructions over pouring surface
  • Easy use of transferable hopper for concrete control


10’ (3 m) Post Moulds, Rails & Cap Moulds

10ft Post MouldPanel Rail mould

  • Post molds are an enclosed unit
  • No leaking or breaking apart required for stripping
  • Various directional posts available
  • Rail fence posts utilise rubber block outs for ease in stripping
  • Panels cap molds feature texture on all sides


Smooth Multiple Post Mould



The smooth multiple post moulds are an enclosed unit.

  • No breaking apart for stripping
  • Various directional posts available
  • Produces 7 posts per cast
  • Easy assembly with side screws for tightness
  • Moulds are stripped to de-mould posts
  • Able to use one base for various directional posts by using different components inside the base
  • No obstruction over pouring surface
  • Inserted rubber block-outs for different lengths in posts
  • Designed for a smooth texture on all sides of posts


Concrete Palisade Moulds


palisade mould

Palisade Moulds are a three-component system, including: Main Post, Bridging Rail and Pales.

  • All moulds are an enclosed unit
  • Main post produces 5 posts per cast
  • Bridging post produces 6 posts per cast
  • Vertical pales produce 9 to 10 pales per cast
  • No stripping required to de-mould posts
  • Moulds tip over on its pivot points to release posts
  • Posts have a smooth concrete finish on all sides of posts
  • No obstruction over pouring surface
  • Bridging posts have tapered pins for ease in assembling finished products

Ready-mix producers and precast manufacturers can easily diversify with moulds that are compact and can adapt to most manufacturing operations.

The molds are sold in sets which include: one 12-panel gang mold, two 10′ (3 m) post molds and two panel cap molds.