What’s better than a beautiful hand-crafted wood fence to add dramatic appeal to a landscape? A precast concrete fence that offers the lovely, deep texture of crafted wood at a much lower cost – and maintains that look across years of weather exposure!

When Woodgrain was introduced over 25 years ago, it was the first of its kind. Today the product has formed a growing market niche, now forming a top choice for residential, public works, commercial and industrial developments alike. While Woodgrain presents the appearance of whorls and patterns characteristic to real wood grain, its durable precast concrete composition ensures a lasting, beautiful fence for years to come.

It’s no accident that Woodgrain has become the preferred choice for municipal public works projects that border private residential lots. Since the colour is inherent in the concrete, Woodgrain precast fences never need repainting or refinishing. The fencing is easy to install with only a small crew, and maintenance is minimal to none. Homeowners with adjoining properties also can enjoy the benefits of Woodgrain as it meets the barrier and security needs of the project.