Ranch Rail

Thirty years ago, installing traditional wood rail fences as park, residential and pedestrian barriers was hands-down the way to go. Today you have a better alternative. Ranch Rail gives you the same wood-grain visual appeal of a split rail fence, with the added durability and flexibility of precast concrete.

Ranch Rail is available in two, three and four-rail configurations. The appearance of a real wood texture is enhanced by the mitered post design that helps give the product its rustic, custom-crafted look.

Installing a Ranch Rail fence can be cost-effective because the product will last much longer than a traditional wood split rail. In fact, a standard wood rail fence would require replacement two or three times during the lifespan of our Ranch Rail. Like all our precast concrete fences, Ranch Rail requires virtually no maintenance and its lovely appearance holds up without visible deterioration over the long term.

The flexible design of Ranch Rail makes it a superior choice to border streetscapes, city parks, and equestrian pathways. Its versatility allows easy incorporation around existing environmental features and adds beauty to any landscape.